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Arkon Allied Container

In June 2018 Arkon Allied Container (AAC) was founded by Arkon Shipping together with the shipping companies Jüngerhans, Wessels, HS Schiffahrt, Nordic and Jebsen as well as the chartering specialists Ole Gabs and Wolfgang Klodwig.

The objective of this foundation is to group the container feeder vessels of the shareholders to a large fleet, to jointly market the vessels and to optimize the cost structure of the chartering of the fleet.

With the registered office of the company in Haren/Ems the operational office is the former Arkon office in Hamburg.
Managing directors of AAC are Torsten Westphal, Ole Gabs and Wolfgang Klodwig.

After the forehanded antitrust auditing was concluded without any objections, AAC started its operational business in August.

In general, AAC is open for the acceptance of additional shareholders. The precondition for the admittance is to bring in further vessels that reasonably supplement the fleet.

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