HS Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG – 49733 Haren/Ems


Captain. Merchant. Competence!

Dipl.- Ing.
Bernhard Johannes Schepers

obtained his Captain’s Certificate through classical training as a ship mechanic at the NavalSchool in Leer. He learned the trade from the bottom up on various vessels of a shipping company in Haren / Ems. As Captain, he gained great experience in container feeder shipping and coastal sailing. In today’s shipping business, he is responsible for the nautical and technical part of the single-ship companies.

Dipl.- Kfm.
Heinz Josef Schepers

was, following his training in the tax consulting professions, studies in business administration at the University of Oldenburg, and a stay abroad with a ship finance company in New York, able to gather extensive knowledge in the commercial management of a shipping enterprise at Briese Schiffahrt in Leer. He is responsible for the commercial management of the shipping business.